E28 M60, M62 OBD1 Engine Wiring Swap Harness


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M60/M62 OBD1 Adapter for E28

** The E34 M60 and E32 M60 engine harness use a round 25-Pin X20 connector.
** The E38 M60 uses a 12-Pin White rectangle connector. (404 or 484 DME)

These Plug-and-Play wiring solutions will make your engine conversion a breeze.
These wiring kits use all new components. All crimp terminals and connectors are new. These kits are made with high temperature automotive grade wiring that resist oils, grease, and acids. 
Continuity tested on every wire during construction. Wrapped in high temperature expandable nylon sheathing to resist abrasion.
Instruction sheets are included with every harness kit.

These adapters include the following:

  • Cluster coolant temperature wiring
  • Engine speed signal (C104)
  • Fuel rate signal (C104)
  • Vehicle speed signal 

    OPTIONAL: A/C input wiring
    OPTIONAL: Oil level sensor wiring    

Additional information

Weight .625 lbs


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